Mailroom Clerks And Their Responsibilities

A lot of people do not really understand the job description of mailroom clerks clearly. If you are one of these people, you should read this article. Mailroom clerk is an important person in a company. It handles a lot of jobs related with mail both in manual and automated method. So, any incoming, outgoing as well as interoffice mail could be well-managed. Therefore, in a large companies or business, there will be several mail clerks with a mailroom supervisor in order to make sure that all mails are handled properly.

First, let us know more about what mailroom clerks should do to the incoming mail. They are responsible to sort any incoming mail and opening the envelopes by machine or by hand. Besides, they also need to handle with any kinds of parcel. The, they give date-stamp to the mail in order to easily organize it based on the incoming date. Then, they should place the mail into mailboxes or carts in order to be picked up or distributed.

Interoffice mail will be the second responsibility held by this mailroom clerks. They also sort interoffice mail and place them in carts after insert them into several different folders. Then, the clerks will distribute the mail.

The third responsibility will be processing the outgoing mail. However, this certain duty is quite different from the two previous ones. In handling the mail, they just need to weigh the mail and affix the postage.

Sometimes, mailroom clerks also handle any incoming or outgoing packages as well as envelopes from any special services. Therefore, the responsibility of any overnight deliveries such as UPS and FedEx for the company will be on their hand.

Not to mention volume mailings as their next responsibility to be handled. Here, they are responsible to prepare any invoices or newsletters. Folding documents or letters to be inserted into envelopes and operating automated equipment are also part of their responsibility in handling volume mailings. With all those important job descriptions, the presence of mailroom clerk will be very important.

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